The First Punic War: A Military History :: J. F. (John Francis) Lazenby

The First Punic War: A Military History :: J. F. (John Francis) Lazenby soon to be presented for sale on the sparkling BookLovers of Bath web site!

London: UCL Press, 1996, Paperback.

Includes: Chronological tables (1); Maps; List of abbreviations;

From the cover: The First Punic War (264 241bc) was the longest continuous war in ancient history, and arguably one of the most important. Fought between Carthage and Rome, it marks the point at which Rome ceased to be an essentially Italian power and became one of the great powers of the Mediterranean world. However, despite its importance this is the first major study in English to be devoted entirely to it. One reason for this apparent neglect of…

Very Good.

(xvii) 205 pages. Index. Bibliography. Trade Paperback (9¼” x 6″).

Of course, if you don’t like this one, may I enchant you with top-drawer choices of my History Rome catalogue?



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