The Balancing Act: A History of Modern Thailand :: Joseph J. Wright, Jr.

The Balancing Act: A History of Modern Thailand :: Joseph J. Wright, Jr. soon to be presented for sale on the dazzling BookLovers of Bath web site!

Bangkok: Asia Books, 1991, Paperback.

Contains: Black & white photographs; Maps [1];

From the cover: In the pre-dawn hours of 24 June 1932 a band of disgruntled Thai bureaucrats, with a small clique of army colonels supporting them, staged an unlikely coup against the government of the last absolute monarch of Thailand.

Using bluff and deception, they called together a number of armoured units and infantrymen at the centre of Bangkok and declared a new government, a new regime to function in the name of the king but under the authority of a modern, democratic constitution: Rattamanoon in Thai. The soldiers cheered, but some were later heard to ask whether the new leader was a son of the king, and if he were not, what kind of ruler would this Mr. Rattamanoon be?

Thus was parliamentary government introduced to Thailand amid the conflicting ambitions of rising new leaders and the misapprehension of the very people …

Near Fine.

[4] 399 pages. Index. Bibliography. 8¾” x 5¾”.

Of course, if you don’t like this one, may I enchant you with top-drawer choices of my History catalogue?

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