Turin Shroud: In Whose Image?: The Shocking Truth Unveiled (Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince)

Turin Shroud: In Whose Image?: The Shocking Truth Unveiled (Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince) lands on the shelves of my shop, where it will be found in my Archaeology section. priced at just £4.00!

London: Bloomsbury, 1994, (First Edition) Hardback in dust wrapper.

Contains: Black & white photographs; References; Appendix;

From the cover: The carbon dating of the Turin Shroud in 1988 revealed that the cloth was not the winding sheet of Jesus. For authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince that was not the end of the matter, but the start of a whole new investigation.

They set out to answer the questions which the carbon dating had left unanswered. Who did create the image on the Shroud? How was it created? And, whose image was on the Shroud? Re-analyzing the historical evidence with these questions in mind, Picknett and Prince have uncovered the story of one of the most remarkable fakes of all time. In classic crime detective fashion, they have answered the question of means, motive and opportunity and proved who created the Shroud and whose image appears on it.

Perhaps most remarkably of all, they have replicated the technique by which the Shroud was created. This book explains how they did this. Turin Shroud In Whose Image? challenges some of the most fundamental views about our past, not only religious and artistic but also technological.

Very Good in Very Good Dust Wrapper.

Black boards with Gilt titling to the Spine. [XII] 212 pages. Index. Bibliography. 9½” x 6¼”.

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