Circles of Silence by Don Robins

Circles of Silence by Don Robins soon to be presented for sale on the dazzling BookLovers of Bath web site!

Published: London: Souvenir Press, 1985, Hardback in dust wrapper.

Contains: Black & white photographs; Graphs; Colour photographs; Diagrams; Maps; Plans;

From the cover: Early one misty morning in October, 1978, a small group of people stood gathered round the Rollright Stones, that famous Oxfordshire grouping of megaliths said to be the petrified remains of a king and his band of warriors. They were there to conduct a scientific experiment: to discover whether there was any truth in the belief that energy emanated from the stones, not only at Rollright, but at sites throughout the British Isles.

The results of that first dawn sortie were sensational enough for the members of Dragon Project to continue their experiments, using ultrasonic detectors and Geiger counters to amass a wealth of data that revealed a hidden power whose nature was totally unexpected. Throughout the following year, at Rollright and elsewhere, they recorded abnormal pulsings that fluctuated dramatically according to the seasons; but the most astounding discovery came at the solstice within the circles themselves. Normally a detector will pick up a low background level of ultrasound which is constantly present in the landscape: inside the rings of stone, however, there was nothing they were indeed circles of silence.

The mystery of the stone circles, far from coming closer to solution, had merely deepened and provoked a flood of new questions. Was Stone Age man aware of the pulsating energy, either by a sensitivity we have lost, or through some method of dowsing? Did he use it for some ancient ritual, as the alignments of the stones would suggest? Above all, what causes the pulsing and its seasonal variations?

It will be some time before the full results of the Dragon Project experiments can be published, but in this personal account of what happened, Don Robins, the scientist who wielded that first ultrasonic detector in October, 1978, explains the background to the story in the context of history, archaeology and folklore, and shows into what uncharted waters of speculation this new research has led us. He looks, not only at the stone circles as structures, but at the properties of stone and the nature of the surrounding countryside; and always, in a lively and highly readable style, he conveys the excitement of those silent dawn meetings, when the mist curled above the wakening landscape and the stone circles came to life.

Lavishly illustrated with photographs in colour and black and white, and with numerous drawings and diagrams, this book will captivate all who are fascinated by our ancient past and its massive monuments, silent witnesses to a purpose whose secrets, after centuries of research, still remain a mystery.

Very Good in Very Good Dust Wrapper.

Blue boards with Silver titling to the Spine. 144 pages. Bibliography. 9½” x 7″.

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