Morality, Utilitarianism, and Rights by Richard B. Brandt

Morality, Utilitarianism, and Rights by Richard B. Brandt soon to be presented for sale on the special BookLovers of Bath web site!

Published: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1995, Paperback.

A Later Printing. Illustrated by way of: Black & White Drawings;

From the cover: Richard Brandt is one of the most eminent and influential of contemporary moral philosophers. His work has been concerned with how to justify what is good or right not by reliance on intuitions or theories about what moral words mean but by the explanation of moral psychology and the description of what it is to value something, or to think it immoral. His approach thus stands in marked contrast to the influential theories of John Rawls.

The essays reprinted in this collection span a period of almost thirty years and include many classic pieces in metaethical and normative ethical theory. Among the subjects covered are the rational ways to decide what is good and what is right, key topics in utilitarianism, and the extent to which character plays a part in moral blame or legal punishment. A final group of essays explores the application of these ideas to specific moral and social problems: suicide, the rules of war, the treatment of defective newborns, and welfare legislation.

This collection is aimed at both those moral philosophers familiar with Brandts work who will find the volume especially helpful in teaching advanced courses in ethics, and those philosophers who may be largely unfamiliar with his work. The latter group will be struck by the lucid, unpretentious style and the cumulative weight of Brandts contributions to topics that remain at the forefront of moral philosophy.

Very Good.

[VIII] 393 pages. Index. Trade Paperback (9″ x 6″).

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