Europe: A History of Its Peoples by Jean-Baptiste Duroselle

Europe: A History of Its Peoples by Jean-Baptiste Duroselle lands on the shelves of my shop, where it will be found in my History Europe section.

London: Viking, 1990, Hardback in dust wrapper.

Contains: Black & white photographs; Chronological tables; Colour photographs; Maps; Photographic end papers & blanks;

From the cover: IS EUROPE, as Metternich said of Italy, just a geographical expression? Do Europeans share a common heritage and a common future? These are among the questions this splendid book sets out to explore.

For many centuries, Europe has been a battle-ground, but it has also been a cradle of civilization. It has left its mark on the whole world. Today Europe is once again a focus of world attention as Europeans, so long divided, reach out for unity and freedom. But who are the Europeans? Their origins and achievements are the key to their identity. Europe: A History of its Peoples is the most ambitious attempt yet to survey comprehensively and objectively the bold, complex pattern of Europes development from a promontory of Asia to one of the worlds most influential powers. In a single lavishly illustrated volume, it spans more than 5,000 years, from pre-history to tomorrow mornings news.

Many histories of Europe are in effect histories of Europes nations, placed side by side. This book treats Europe as a whole. While emphasizing how differently Europes peoples reacted to events in history, it shows how often such events and reactions were facets of shared phenomena.

But the book also asks a number of awkward questions: in particular, whether current attempts to unite and reunite Europe are feasible. The author concludes that there are solid historical reasons for regarding Europe not only as a mosaic of cultures but also as an organic whole. Europeans, he argues, are the product of many civilizations and many influences. Nationalism and the nation state are relatively recent phenomena in Europes long history, and their sometimes destructive results have tended to obscure the creative qualities that Europeans share born of diversity, but also of liberty and openness to new ideas.

Published simultaneously in eight European languages, this book exemplifies the unity in diversity that it describes. As a treasure-house of Europes past and a profound reflection on its present and future by an eminent French scholar, assisted by leading experts from all over Europe, and creatively translated by Richard Mayne, it offers an authoritative and a challenging conspectus to the student and the general reader who seek to understand what makes Europe unique.

Introduction by: Frederic Delouche

Very Good in Very Good Dust Wrapper.

Blue boards with Silver titling to the Spine. 423 pages. Index. 10¾” x 8¾”.

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