Class Struggles in Tanzania by Issa G. Gulamhussein Shivji

Class Struggles in Tanzania by Issa G. [Gulamhussein] Shivji soon to be presented for sale on the wonderful BookLovers of Bath web site!

Published: London: Heinemann, 1978, Softcover.

Contains: Tables;

>From the cover: This book brings together the major strands in Issa Shivjis much discussed works. It traces in outline the history of class struggles in mainland Tanzania since independence. It uses the method of historical materialism to integrate recent radical and Marxist writings on underdevelopment.

Issa Shivji argues that economic struggles and the relationship of Tanzania to international capitalism have to be built into any historical analysis of the countrys social relations. The separation, often found in radical literature, between economic structures on the one hand and social relations on the other is, he argues, a false dichotomy. Inevitably it smuggles in bourgeois ideology under the guise of Marxism.

The first part of the book briefly discusses the Marxist theory of class and class struggle and its application to a third world situation. Part two discusses class formations at the time of independence. Parts three, four and five deal with class struggles since independence and the emergence of the contradictions between the conditions of the proletariat and the poor peasantry and those of the dependent bureaucratic bourgeoisie.

Issa Shivji explains the Tanzanian policy of Ujamaa and such important documents as the Arusha Declaration and the TANU Guidelines (Mwongozo) in terms of class relations and class struggles. This is a fundamental break with the radical scholarship of the academic socialists who have hitherto obscured reality by making policy statements and the commitment of individuals the focus of their analysis.

Good. A pleasant enough reading copy. Wrappers mylar-sealed. Text complete, clean and tight.

182 pages. Index. C Format (8½” x 5½”).

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