Kathe Kollwitz by Elizabeth Prelinger with Essays by Alessandra Comini & Hildegard Bachert

Kathe Kollwitz by Elizabeth Prelinger with Essays by Alessandra Comini & Hildegard Bachert soon to be presented for sale on the really rather good BookLovers of Bath web site!

Published: Washington: National Gallery of Art, 1992, .

Catalogue of the exhibition held May 3rd August 16th 1992 at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C. Contains: Black & white photographs; Colour photographs;

From the cover: Few artists are as universally beloved as the German printmaker, draftsman, and sculptor Kathe Kollwitz, whose powerful images of mothers and children and of protest against social injustices have long been admired by both critics and the public. Kollwitz, a woman in a field dominated by men, steadfastly adhered to a figurative style in the era of abstraction and depicted socially engaged subject matter when it was unfashionable. Kollwitz is largely known through political posters and restrikes of her prints. Her reputation has to some extent been dominated by an emphasis on the social content of her work, often at the expense of her remarkable artistic skills. The present study challenges that view by focusing on the artistic aspect of her achievement.

The book consists of three essays on Kollwitz. Elizabeth Prelinger provides a reassessment of Kollwitz as an artist; Alessandra Comini presents a richly atmospheric discussion of the artists life in Berlin during the tumultuous period that spanned the two world wars; and Hildegard Bachert surveys the reception of Kollwitz in German) and the United States as manifested in collections of her works. The volume, which includes a selection of the finest examples of Kollwitzs work, juxtaposes preparatory drawings with finished art, illustrating the arduous experimental processes by which she attained her brilliant results. Themes important to Kollwitz such as self-portraits, social activism as illustrated in the cycles The Weavers Rebellion and The Peasants War, love and death, nudes, workers, war and revolution are explored in depth in all media.

Very Good.

192 pages. Index. Bibliography. 11″ x 9″.

Of course, if you don’t like this one, may I draw your attention to more books in my Art Exhibitions catalogue?

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