The Fire Came By: The Riddle of the Great Siberian Explosion 1908 lands on the shelves of the remarkable Fact or Fable Book Shop in Peasedown St. John

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Category: Science
The Fire Came By: The Riddle of the Great Siberian Explosion 1908 by John Baxter & Thomas Atkins
London: MacDonald & Jane’s, 1977
Hardback with Dust Jacket over Blue boards with Silver titling to Spine
2nd impression. [First Edition: 1976] Illustrated by way of: Appendices [4]; Black & White Photographs; Maps;

From the cover: At 7:17 A. M. on the morning of June 30, 1908, a cylindrical object blazed across the cloudless skies of central Siberia, and the desolate Central Plateau shuddered under the impact of a cataclysmic explosion. The initial thermal blast was followed by primary and secondary shock waves, a hideous firestorm, and a black rain that contaminated hundreds of square miles. The seismic shock was registered in Moscow, Paris, London, even around the world in Washington, D. C.

For nearly seventy years one question has gone unanswered: What caused it?

Here is the riveting story of the Great Siberian Explosion: one of the most intriguing, yet-to-be-solved mysteries of this century. Beginning with accounts of the first expeditions to the area in 1927, when scientists set out looking for a meteor crater that would explain the blast and found none to the nuclear/space age when the realities of atomic warfare and the discoveries of modern astrophysics have led to speculations involving the possibility of black holes and antimatter, the evidence repeatedly supports a theory that only a generation ago would have been unthinkable. That a nuclear-powered, extraterrestrial spacecraft destructed while attempting to land on earth, unleashing irreversible atomic holocaust.

As gripping as a detective story, The Fire Came By is an enthralling investigation into the most powerful unexplained explosion mankind has ever known.
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