The Woman Who Shot Mussolini makes an entrance at the magnificent Fact or Fable Book Shop in Peasedown St. John

Latest addition to the bookshelves of the leading book shop in Peasedown St. John!

Category: Biography
The Woman Who Shot Mussolini by Frances Stonor Saunders
London: Faber & Faber, 2010
Hardback with Dust Jacket over Black boards with Yellow titling to Spine
Illustrated by way of: Black & White Photographs;

From the cover: This is a riveting account of the life and fate of the woman who almost assassinated Benito Mussolini.

7th April 1926 on the steps of the Capitol in Rome, surrounded by chanting Fascists, The Honourable Violet Gibson raises her old revolver and fires at the Italian head of state, Benito Mussolini the darling of Europes ruling class. The bullet narrowly misses the dictators bald head, hitting him in the nose. Of all his would-be assassins, she came closest to changing the course of history. What brought her to this moment? The daughter of an Anglo-Irish lord, she had once consorted with royalty and the peerage. Yet terrible unhappiness lurked beneath that glittering surface. She loved Italy and when Mussolinis thugs took it into the moral cesspit of Fascism, she felt she had to act. She paid for it for the rest of her life, confined to a lunatic asylum, like other difficult women of her class.

Saunders moving and compulsively readable book rescues this gentle, driven woman from a silent void and restores her dignity and purpose.
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