Individualism & Collectivism by Harry C. Charalambos Triandis

Individualism & Collectivism by Harry C. [Charalambos] Triandis soon to be available at the fabulous BookLovers of Bath web site!

Published: Boulder & Oxford: Westview Press, 1995, Paperback.

Illustrated by way of: Appendix;

From the cover: Triandis challenges the view that psychology is universal, offering evidence for culture-specific influences on thought and action. We learn that the cultural patterns represented by individualism and collectivism lead people to view their worlds through different lenses, attaching different meanings to life events.

Triandis explains how these variations in meaning can help us better understand why crime rates, divorce rates, levels of self-esteem, feelings of well-being, and indeed overall behavioural patterns can be so different from one society to another.

In the New Directions in Social Psychology series.

Near Fine.

[XV] 259 pages. Index. Bibliography. Trade Paperback (9″ x 6″).

Of course, if you don’t like this one, may I draw your attention to more books hither or maybe further, hand picked, books in my Psychology catalogue?


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