The Digital Photography Manual shows up at the wonderful Fact or Fable Book Shop in Peasedown St. John

Latest addition to the bookshelves of the leading book shop in Peasedown St. John!

Category: Photograhy
The Digital Photography Manual by Philip Andrews
London: Carlton Books, 2002
Illustrated by way of: Glossary; Black & White Photographs; Colour Photographs;

From the cover: Digital imaging has had a huge impact on the world of photography as the last few years have seen great leaps forward in the quality, availability and affordability of digital cameras and printers. The consumer market has had no hesitation in adopting this new technology. The Digital Photography Manual provides a complete and accessible overview of the digital photography process, the equipment, software used and the techniques employed. The process is explained using frequent comparisons with traditional photographic terms and ideas to help the new user gain an understanding of the underlying nuts and bolts of the technology.

Step-by-step guides coupled with examples of images and screen shots carefully and supportively build the readers basic shooting (input), processing (manipulation) and printing (output) skills. Throughout the text real life examples of photographers who use digital imaging are provided to give the reader an idea of how the new technology is being used in the industry.
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