Air Power 2000 by Michael J. Gething

Air Power 2000 by Michael J. Gething lands on the |> SALE <| shelves in my shop.

Arms & Armour, 1992, Hardback in dust wrapper.

Contains a glossary of terms. Illustrated by way of: Black and White Photographs;

From the cover: The greatest single revolution in airpower was perhaps the leap to jet propulsion, which together with the destructive potential of the nuclear weapon dominated airpower for four decades. While the air fleets were built, the war they were supposed to fight never materialized, thus demonstrating the difficulty in predicting the future nature of war from the air. Aircraft designers and tacticians can only estimate what might happen in a war: when the real thing happens, the lessons learnt often contradict previous ideas. This can be very costly to incorporate into airpower aircraft and weapons costs spiral every year, and nations want the best available for their money, with a guarantee that a E20 million aircraft will not be rendered obsolete next year.

To complicate further airpower prediction there is always a background of political argument, budgetary restraints and possible failure of international collaboration. The classic example of the TSR-2 shows how a potentially superb aircraft can be lost due to government cancellation. Modern air-power is no less susceptible to such vagaries.

Air Power 2000 presents an informed and intelligent review of the most dramatic revolutions in modem airpower with the aim of predicting what aspects of contemporary weaponry will still be with us in the year 2000, and what we can expect technology will provide as replacements. Coming soon after the first live combat debut of so many frontline weapons systems, this is more than ever a relevant topic for study: analysis of the war in the Gulf will eventually result in new hardware, which will again meet airpower predictions only as far as the statisticians, designers and strategists allow.

This publication will enable any reader to be more aware of the basics of current military aviation technology and of how far hardware can advance in the next decade. The realistic appraisal of todays forces will be appreciated by the professional aviator and the military strategist for the level of technological detail, but equally the amateur enthusiast will relish the new perspective gained on this most immediate form of warfare.

Very Good in Very Good Dust Wrapper.

Blue boards with Gilt titling to the Spine. 128 pages. Index. 10″ x 7¾”.

Of course, if you don’t like this one there are plenty more available here!

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