Taking the Group Seriously: Towards a Post-Foulkesian Group Analytic Theory by Farhad Dalal

Taking the Group Seriously: Towards a Post-Foulkesian Group Analytic Theory by Farhad Dalal lands on the |> SALE <| shelves in my shop.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 1998, Paperback.

First in this, paperback, edition.

From the cover: In this critique and extension of the work of S. H. Foulkes, Farhad Dalai argues that Foulkesian group analysis has yet to construct a coherent group analytic paradigm that gives ontological priority to the idea of a group over that of individuals, and thus take the notion of the group seriously. The author draws out two Foulkesian theories: one that is orthodox and remains in the individual psychoanalytic frame, and one that is radical and is used as the basis of a radical theory of groups. He proposes that Foulkes himself was unable to break free of his Freudian antecedents, and that the basis of a group analytic paradigm is to be found in the work of the sociologist Norbert Elias rather than Foulkes.

The book offers the philosophical and metapsychological foundations of a post-Foulkesian group analytic paradigm. Critical in this new account are the roles given to power relations, the social and the history of social groups. One outcome of this is that the therapeutic project of group analysis is broadened to take account of notions of ideology and the roles they play in the structuring of the psyche. Drawing from a broad base of material that includes the psychoanalytic theories of Freud, Klein, Matte-Blanco, Winnicott and Fairbairn, the work also incorporates insights from a number of disparate fields discourse theory, evolutionary biology, philosophy and sociology which are used to extend and develop the Foulkesian notion of the social unconscious. These ideas are used to rethink a number of the central concepts of psychoanalysis and group analysis for example group processes, the matrix, identity, the unconscious and the superego. Finally the author tests his ideas in the domains of race and racism, shedding new light on notions of similarity and difference.

Introduction by: Malcolm Pines

Near Fine.

239 pages. Index. Bibliography. 9¼” x 6″.

Of course, if you don’t like this one there are plenty more available here!

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