Fortress Europe by Rudi Rolf & Peter Saal

Fortress Europe by Rudi Rolf & Peter Saal lands on the |> SALE <| shelves in my shop.

Airlife, 1988, Paperback.

First in this, paperback, edition. Illustrated by way of: Black & White Photographs; Plans;

From the cover: The German capture of the supposedly impregnable Belgian fortress of Eben-Emael in May 1940 shocked the world, while the vaunted Maginot Line proved useless against an enemy who virtually ignored and bypassed it. As always, military planners had designed for the last rather than for the next war, ignoring the advances in tank and aircraft technology which had revolutionised warfare. Even the Germans fell into the same trap, building the Atlantic Wall and the Channel Island defences against invasion from the sea and the West Wall (the so-called Siegfried Line) against any possible invasion of Germany itself from the west. As a result, throughout the 1930s and 40s Western Europe was covered in deeply dug-in bunkers, artillery, machine-guns and anti-aircraft emplacements, observation and fire direction towers, underground magazines and other fortifications, a vast number of which survive to this day due either to their inherent strength or the work of preservation enthusiasts.

This book explores the history of modern fortifications from the 1870s, showing how designs changed radically to meet new threats, particularly in the form of artillery. It shows how some of the major forts fared in battle in both World Wars, and with the aid of dozens of clear maps and photographs, provides a detailed travel-guide for everyone wishing to explore their frequently well-preserved remains. Most are open to the public and many house museums, so opening times are also included. These defensive lines and positions, fashioned from steel and concrete, have stood idle now for over forty years yet still exercise a tremendous pull on the imagination. This book will thus be invaluable not only to students of fortifications but also to anyone touring France, Holland, Belgium, Germany or the Channel Islands.

Very Good. A hint of tanning to the edges of the leaves otherwise a very well presented copy.

166 pages. Index. 9½” x 6¼”.

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