Celtic Britain by Homer Sykes

Celtic Britain by Homer Sykes hits the £1 shelf in my shop.

Phoenix Illustrated, 1998, Paperback.

Illustrated by way of: Colour Photographs;

From the cover: Who were the Celts? What part did they play in our lands history? In Celtic Britain, Homer Sykes embarks on a fascinating journey though the mysterious landscapes and artefacts bequeathed to us by the Celts. Over 120 evocative photographs take us from Cornwall, through England, Wales and up to Scotland. We visit little-known sites that belong to pre-Celtic times, ruined cells where Celtic holy men performed Christian ceremonies during the Dark Ages, enigmatic sites such as Stonehenge, Avebury, and places that are shrouded in the mysteries of Arthurian legend. The powerful narrative explores the historical and archaeological evidence surrounding the myths, folktales and sites that are scattered throughout Britain: saints who saved lives by restoring heads to shoulders, eels that coiled around patients legs to cure them, the mystery of the bluestones at Carn Menyn, and many more.

Very Good.

159 pages. Index. Bibliography. 7½” x 9¾”.

This book will be listed, sooner or later, for £5.00 on my delightful website… (added to my History category.) but get 50% off buying from my blog… below…

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