Cults: Secret Sects and Radical Religions by Robert Schroeder

Published by Sevenoaks, 2007, Hardback in Dust Wrapper.

Condition: Very Good in Very Good Dust Wrapper. Dust wrapper is pulled at the bottom of both panels with slight wrinkling resulting and a tiny nick to the foot of the lower.

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First in this edition. Illustrated with colour photographs. From the cover: With a marked decline in organized religion and the approach of a new millennium, the end of the twentieth century witnessed an explosion in cults, sects and radical religions, many of which proffered salvation from an approaching Apocalypse. The passing of the year 2000, however, did nothing to halt the rise of these organisations, and the fascination of the mass media and general public has grown apace.

Although movements such as the conservatively dressed Moonies or the seemingly life-loving Children of God were initially dismissed as harmless quasi-religious denominations, the mass suicides of members of the Jonestown Peoples Temple in Guyana and David Koreshs Branch Davidian cult in Waco, Texas, along with atrocities such as the Tokyo subway gas attack, mean that doubts have been raised about the true nature of some of these groups.

In Cults: Secret Sects and Radical Religions, Robert Schroeder examines these apparently recent movements in a historical and cultural context, tracing their existence back to the earliest days of mankind, investigating the essence of their continued appeal with reference to the experiences of ex-members, along with profiles of their often enigmatic leaders, he provides a compelling and sometimes disturbing insight into these mysterious organizations, be they modern or ancient.


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