Royal Mail & The Post Office

The Royal Mail, too, has said it has no intention of using another partner. Moya Greene, the chief executive of the company, said: ““For me it is unthinkable that we would not have a very long-term relationship with the Post Office. Here is a group of people—the best and strongest network in the country, by any yardstick, with 11,900 outlets—who are committed to and want to sell our products.”

That will be right up to the point where realisation dawns that tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of pounds of bonus payable on profit (amongst other things, such as the colour of the paper used in the photocopier) become payable should they be able to find a cheaper alternative.

Say, Tesco & PayPoint…

Five years will see me “paid up” actually… but the future is bleak for our Post Office network I’m afraid.

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