On This Day: 11th of January, 1945 Greek Civil War Truce is Signed

Today, in 45, fighting in the civil war stops as political truce is signed between British-backed Democratic National Army and the rebel National Liberation Front.

In early 1944 the National Liberation Front took to the hills to create a provisional government, rejecting the authority of the Greek king and government-in-exile. It also ignored its remaining rival for political supremacy in Greece the Democratic National Army.

Germany withdrew from Greece in October 1944, British forces the brought together communist and democratic factions to create a coalition government. This collapsed after the communist National Liberation Front refused to break up its rebel forces. December 3rd saw war break out between the communists and the democrats.

The British fought against the communists alongside the Democratic National Army. On January 11, the National Liberation Front accepted the British terms for a truce a month later; the rebels surrendered and disbanded their guerrilla army. The peace was fleeting, however, civil war broke out again in the post-war environment and the chaotic struggle for control over Greece went on

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