Online retailers turn on Royal Mail

Well, this online retailer isn’t!  I have tried various delivery companies over the years, always returning to, first, Post Office/Royal Mail and now a Royal Mail Contract Account.

I ship 100 – 150 items a week, every week.  I can count the losses on the fingers of one hand over the past year.  Of those, reasons are mainly:

  • Customer lacks ability to write correct address
  • I lack ability to cut and paste the correct address
  • Customer doesn’t bother to collect

Why on earth do we want evening and weekend deliveries?  I do stuff at the weekend and come the evenings I’m too far from the front door to bother opening it! (Those in the know, ring me first to announce their arrival… whereupon I can then be ‘on the train’ if I’m in a tricky part of Medal of Honour!)

Neither of those things would improve matters from my perspective although knowing roughly when your post arrives would be a nice to have!  If you’re delivering a 41p letter, to any and all addresses in the country I think it’s a bit of an ask of any organisation to say we’ll be with you at 6.15am…

Also, if you ask people to work anti-social hours (and are an ethical employer) then you have to balance their pay for that.  Increased costs?  Increased charges?  Customer pays…

I find it hard to find fault with Royal Mail, bar minor niggles like the quagmire that is their Online Order Processing system.  Imagine being asked to prepare honey on toast… but you have to stick your bare hand into the hive to retrieve the honey… and then bake the bread!

One thing is for sure.  Royal Mail is going to be a tough sale, and keep an eye on the Government getting hands on with the pension assets… Gordon Brown Stylie.

I wonder if the answer is not some system akin to Denmark (?) whereby villagers pick up their post from slightly more central PO boxes when they do their weekly shop for instance.  Surely, in this day and age, the immediacy of information is not that great?  I can wait a few days for my bills (and cheques) I guess.

I do wonder if we should not sell it, but back it.  After all, we spent more on the bloody banks in 3 months than Royal Mail/Post Office can lose in 20 years… really trying!

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2 Responses to Online retailers turn on Royal Mail

  1. Oh, I do so agree. But expect sense out of the government? Ask me another.


  2. Mind you, I was somewhat miffed the other day, when I was expecting a parcel redelivery – they came at 7.15 am, and had buggered off by the time I got down the stairs. Since the post usually arrives about tea-time, I thought this was a bit much. And since they have sold off the sorting office in town, I had to get a friend to drive me out to hellangone to pick up the parcels.


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