Royal Mail profits fall after loss in letters business

Apparently Royal Mail lost another wad of money this ½-year… apparently a decline in mail volumes being the main culprit as people turn to the world of “on line” communication.

Now, this reflects the cost-cutting of the major financials et. al. who think that producing statements, bills, sales literature etc. on line saves them money.

It does, of course, although I struggle to think how my bank can get to charge me £30.00 to send me an email… sure they’ll find a way.

However, I actually own a Post Office.  In that Post Office I speak to the Post People… their view doesn’t reflect this desparate drop in volumes.  In fact, I would say that our Posting Sales are way, way up reflecting the ludicrous popularity of tat-peddling on FeeBay for one thing.

Of course, can’t be helped by the fact that RM have to do the “final mile” for many of the private operators.  The very people that RM are losing business to — to Home Delivery Network for example.

Where this leaves privatisation is curious.  Who is going to stump up for what appears to be a Do Do business?  Guess the price keeps falling…  at this rate I might buy it!

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