Ahh, the Post Office…

“To placate the unions, he insisted that there would be no post office closures and claimed that employees, postmasters and even local communities would ultimately run and own the branches. This would happen through mutualisation, a partnership structure loosely based on successful retailer John Lewis. “We will break the cycle of declining visitor numbers through new ideas and new services to win back customers,” pledged Mr Cable.”

Now, I’m a touch curious about that particular statement… my wife and I pay something akin to the average wage (in the South West) in mortgage repayments to a bank that Gordon Brown and his fellow idiot bought, and backed to the tune of god knows how many billions.

We have also sunk £000s more into the building (which I like to call our family home!), shop, counter fittings (not that Post Office offer any help ~ unless you count wanting to charge for engineering services) etc. etc.

I thought we already owned our Post Office.

Also note that nearly all the Post Offices you see, yes I know some of them are run by right grumpy bastards, are actually already owned by the, er, owner.  The Crown Offices (those owned by Royal Mail/Post Office) have already been mostly sold and the money wasted on bonuses for tossers like Crozier et. al.


Mind you, with this lot in charge you have no idea what’s coming next… and you can bet that these “new services” will all be related to “financial services” rather than products and services designed to meet the needs of the communities that we serve.

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  1. Marion Pitman says:

    Too right mate.


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