Death By Stoning? What Place In Our World?

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani

I read about this this morning and heard it again just now on Radio 4, and clearly I am “behind the times” with this, that this Iranian woman is to be stoned to death.

Apparently, this involves being buried in sand up to your chest, and then selected “stoners”” being allowed to throw stones (note that the stones are designed to be not TOO HEAVY to cause instant death or massive injury… my conclusion being that this appears to be death by a thousand cuts done in a stylie) at them until they die, pass out, or, I suppose, sprout robot-like arms and beat the crap out of this group of morons.

There is a Human Rights Group petition going (not good at those myself!) and I would urge your support.

Whatever your standpoint on Iran or Islamic Law this cannot be right.  The punishment just does not fit the crime… mind you, I suppose Saudi ain’t a great deal better if you’ve got light fingers!  Much lighter if you’re caught!


PS. Oh, bear in mind, that for a little bit of “maybe extra-marital play time” this poor soul has already received 99 lashes.  Makes  me proud to be a member of the planet really!

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3 Responses to Death By Stoning? What Place In Our World?

  1. Marion Pitman says:

    Any idea how to locate the petition?


  2. bookloversuk says:

    That’s the link to (one of many) an online petition — there are many others.


  3. bookloversuk says:

    Another link to a campaign group for the abolition of this ludicrous idea of “justice”.


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