What is a scarce book worth?

bmw.williamsF1 Team — The Team in 2000

Scarce? Valuable?

Quite often I come across books in my travels that I simply can’t fathom.  This is a case in point.

On the face of it, it would appear to be some sort of promotional item produced by the team for a purpose that escapes me but probably as a sup to the sponsors or possibly as a media information pack?

My “gut feeling” when coming to it in the listing box was it’s a £10 book.  OK, but when I research it (Copac etc. etc.) it apppears to be uncommon.  To the point that I can’t find another copy at all.

Does that make it valuable?  Not sure.  Again, gut feeling puts it in the £10 range — of interest to F1 collectors, possibly, I guess.

Further “price research” including auction records, current similar titles ad nauseum and… prices for later editions of what appear to be the same book range from $35 to a gob-smacking £200!  This “internet pricing” has become a complete farce in my opinion.

Lowballers, highballers and guessers… I’m in the last category of course although I do know the value (not price, that’s not the point) of many books I come across.  99.9% of them are simply not worth buying (as a reseller that is) and finding that .1% is getting harder of course.

So, comments welcomed on your view as to this books value… in fact, for the most informed estimate and explanation I am offering a mug.

Not any mug though.  This one has BookLovers.co.uk and a sweet heart on it…


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