Tony Adams — Desert Island Discs — Top Bloke!

I have the pleasure of working for myself which means that Sundays = AccountsDay.  Here I sit listening to BBC Radio 4, first Broadcasting House, then the Archers and then Desert Island Discs.

Today, it’s Tony Adams (ex-Arsenal captain spending his ENTIRE 22 year career there) talking his way through his life.  Recovered alcoholic, the hard way.  A hard life, hard start makes for a hard man on the surface.

Talking about his mum’s death (from bone cancer) clearly cracked that shell… his “quip” as the voice faltered was “I’m going…”  I am not a fan of footballers in general (overpaid tossers mainly) but Mr. Adams redeems that view.

Fair play to the bloke.  And good luck at Azerbaijan side, Gabala FC, where I think that his determination will be of tremendous value.

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