My children are so lucky…

We live in Somersert, near Writhlington School, and like most “realistic” parents have little choice, really, of where are children go to school.

I never asked for choice, just decent schooling like wot I got.  (OK, I was privately done but there is no way, bar selling what useful body parts I have left, that I can afford it for our two…)

So, I was delighted when the school announced that ALL children would receive laptops.  Brilliant idea.  According to them…

When they announced it I thought, well, they can’t, er, actually type.  Let alone bloody spell or put a comma where it should, go! 9-)

So we are then “bullied in” to paying for the damned thing.  Thing is, we have 2 children.  Twice the price is the price we pay for adopting twins not an African I guess.  But then I’m not Madonna.

Now, it seems that the children can:

  • Swap homework via USB stick
  • Access various nefarious web sites
  • Chat to one another during lessons using Skype

And, their education?  God knows…  I have made my living from computers (started on a ZX-81 to give you an idea!) and have no problem with them.  However, this is a misguided (at best, I have my secret thoughts) approach and I urge you, when presented.  Argue.  There is “some good” in there but not enough to warrant.

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