BookLovers of Bath: Secondhand Books For The People

Welcome to the mostly inane postings (i.e. promoting books that I have for sale) of the leading book seller in Peasedown St. John.

Based, and living above and beside, the glorious Fact or Fable Book Shop I combine the challenges of running a living, breathing (anachronistic)  book shop with the nightmare of being an internet seller of seocndhand books.

I have been kicking around this calling since around 1994, based in Abingdon originally but now in the remnants of the old village Post Office.

Currently, my posts are being mangled by the internet of things… which if it comes across me will find someone with a large stick ready to beat it to pulp.



3 Responses to BookLovers of Bath: Secondhand Books For The People

  1. Linda Banfield says:

    Dear David, I should like to leave a very positive review after receiving my book but I can’t work out how to do it. My computer,(and I), are old and I can’t find a review option. Can you help? Kind regards, Linda


  2. Charles Aria says:

    I received the book that I purchased from you, and was quite pleased. Moreover, the transaction was peasant, prompt, and entirely professional. I would leave you a positive rating, only I’m computer illiterate and can’t figure out how to do it. I will, however, browse your book titles for a for future purchases.
    Kind regards,


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